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We've introduced subtle, but important UI and back-end changes is this build. In just a few words: Kestrel gets EV, the address field will change the way it displays page information, and we now have automatic certificate updates!

This latest snapshot build has support for Extended Validation (EV) certificates. This means that on EV sites you'll see a padlock on a green background. And remember: It ain't EV 'til it's EV, all EV. Opera is a more strict than other browsers, and will display an EV site with a "green padlock" only if all elements on the page are from EV sites. Read Yngve's article for more details.

There are some more changes in the address bar: the fraud protection button will now work differently. For HTTP sites you will not see the button anymore. On HTTPS sites the padlock will be on a yellow background (green for EV). If, however, you come across an HTTPS site which lowers the overall rating of the security level of the page (details on the levels are again to be found in Yngve's article), you will see a grey "?" button, which will provide you with more information on the security level. A fraudulent page will still be flagged with a red warning in the address field.

The back-end change in this snapshot affects the certificate database: we can now add new Roots to the Certificate Authority database without requiring users to update their installation. Find details about this over in Yngve's article.

WARNING: These are development snapshots: they contain the latest changes, but they also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, they may not work at all.

Known Issues
Too many searches in the search engine list
"Open With" other browsers doesn't work
The progress bar does not show if it's set to "Pop-up at the bottom"


New Features
Added EV certificate support
Added root certificate update
Added Notes synchronization
Added opera:historysearch to default list of search engines

Core Fixes
Fixed problems loading Gmail
Improved XHR (AJAX) performance
Fixed mouse gesture crash in print preview
Windowless mode for Silverlight 1.1 now works

Mail Fixes
Fixes to decoding of mailto: URLs
Fixed crash when listing channels/rooms on IRC server
Fixed problem when fetching feeds would freeze Opera for a long time
Fixed problem where Opera wouldn't start for some users with old mail directories
Optimized newsfeed download when users have lots of existing feed messages
Fixed problem seen when changing the status of several messages at the same time
Fixed several parse errors caused by IMAP server bugs
Fixed problem adding contacts to messages when the contact has multiple e-mail addresses

UI Fixes
Fixed crash when opening Help
Some fixes to Opera Link synchronization
Fixed problem saving pages in formats other than HTML
MHTML files can now only be saved as MHTML
Fixed problem where Personal bar was greyed-out sometimes
Viewing source doesn't put the file in the system temp folder anymore
Viewing source and applying changes to local files commits the changes to the local file again
Fixed the internal "Execute program" command, which caused Open in buttons to stop working

[Windows] Fixed opacity inversion on web pages
[Windows] Fixed GDI leak related to favicons
[Windows] Fixed crash when closing Opera
[Windows] Fixed printing issues where some words would run into each other
[OS X] Fixed problem scrolling to the bottom of the pages using scrollbars
Windows Classic