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IE7 missing downloads

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hi all.

Got a very annoying problem. IE (32bit, on my rig Umbra below. believe its IE7..whatever comes with 64bit Vista Ultimate) isn't working correctly...no matter what i download, it doesn't appear, even when i change download location - nothing appears at all when its complete.

I do not have this problem on IE 64bit at all. but i cannot use this as alot of stuff is still incompatible with 64bit browser.

*** is going on?. can someone please help me?. + rep to those who do.

Do not recommend me firefox either (although i'm currently using it..) i'd rather stick with whats familiar.
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I was once like you where I didn't want to use Firefox because I wanted to stick with what's familiar (I have Asperger Syndrome. I find it impossible to make changes). But once I finally took the leap into Firefox, I found it was much better. I was finally satisfied with my browser.

Firefox can do so many things that even IE7, the copycat, can't do. It's much more user-friendly than IE is.

I can middle-click with my mouse to open any link up in a new tab. I can't do that in IE7.

I can delete any URL from the address bar by simply selecting it and pressing delete. I can delete any of my search history in the search box at the top the same way. Speaking of it, I find it's much easier to get to the search box in Firefox than with IE7 because of the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+K is far easier than whatever IE7 is (I forgot because I just don't care about IE7 anymore).

I can also delete data in web forms the same way. This includes ANY type of form.

With Firefox, I have better security. The options are easier to figure out and navigate. There's a very helpful Firefox IRC channel where I can get an answer to any question I have within minutes (irc://irc.mozilla.org/firefox - if IE does, then I apologize).

The UI is better. The skins are better (and there seem to be more of them available).

There's spell-check. I love spell-check for many reasons. One of my favorite reasons is if I'm daydreaming while writing a post and I suddenly remember a word I wanted to learn how to spell, I can just type it in, right-click on it, and find the right spelling and commit it to memory. It also catches my fast typing errors.

I can uninstall and re-install Firefox if I want. Can't do that with IE (as far as I know anyway... I'm still in WinXP)

All in all, I'm very glad I jumped outside of my comfort zone and switched over to IE. I remember when I was still using IE while everyone was telling me to switch to Firefox. I would tell them "no" flat-out. I would think of them as ignorant. I would tell them that IE is better. I would tell them that there's no way it's worth switching browsers because I'd have to spend all that time figuring it out. But once I switched, I knew there was no way I could go back to IE again.

To me, using IE is like using a pre-built computer, and Firefox is like using a custom built. I have way more control over Firefox than I do over IE.

One of my favorite things is that, if I wanted, I can go to about:config and change anything I want. I can't do that in IE as far as I know.

The list could go on and on about how Firefox is far superior to IE7. I've tried a few other browsers (even Safari), and nothing comes close to Firefox. Of all the browsers I've tried, including IE7, Firefox gives me the closest feeling to the one I get from having a custom-built pc vs. a pre-built.
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