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I swear to god... No. This is still a risk because if you happen to be holding something--like the RAM, or the CPU, and that component touches something that IS grounded, the discharge will occur through the component, and possibly damage it, just like not grounding yourself properly in the first place... Anytime there is a potential difference between you and something else conductive, there is the chance of discharging your static charge to it (or vice versa...). Doesn't matter if something's at ground potential or not. But if you are grounded, then you cannot build up a static charge, so that's why it's important to properly ground yourself.

Well yea that's definitely true. But why would you hold an expensive part in your hand, then go touching it to random things in your room? I mean the electricity has to flow from you, through the part, and into a grounded object. So you literally have to touch the CPU to some random grounded piece of metal in your house, that's just dumb lol. The only thing you really have to worry about is bumping your hand on the metal case, so if you're the same potential as the case you're fine. But I guess the other suggestions being made are more Darwin-award-proof. But if anyone holds a $200-300 CPU then starts touching it against metal objects in their house, they don't deserve a nice computer IMO lol.

Well, call me dumb then. When I was younger, I tested the limits of a P4 by dragging it around the carpet w/ the heater on. I rubbed that sucker real good. Worked just fine. It was then that I gave up on static protocol.