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Hi all,

I bought a pre-built system by OCUK (and regretting it) which has had some problems (we think with the motherboard.) I am confused about one thing though (it's been going back to shop for repairs)...

The mboard is the Abit IP35 Pro and I have it set up with 2 150Gb raptors in Raid 0 on the mboards Intel ICH9R.

The last time they did a "repair" and sent it back to me they said that they had to replace the motherboard (in fact they said they had gone through 2 boards) while fixing it.

I read the FAQ thread about changing Controllers without reinstalling Windows, but it seems this wouldn't really be possible using the onboard RAID controller.

The thing is that my OS install is still intact on the HDs. I thought that you couldn't do this with a RAID set of drives? (ie. move them from one raid controller to another) and have the drives data intact. Am I wrong?

Basically I'm trying to work out if they really did swap my mboard (next time I will note down serial numbers.)

Thanks in advance,
- autora