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Research compilation

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During my quest for the ultimate 24 inch screen I have come across a good deal of info I feel the need to lay out.

Dell 2408 Several known issues experienced by different users include:
input lag of 50ms
reddish tinge
backlight issues at corners
The Good includes customer service and fast replacement options

Samsung 245T
Scaling issues with no 1:1 option which will stretch console games
the good feature is the no dead pixel policy and 3 year warranty

Asus Mk241H not much info besides the fact its panel is rumored to be similar to the one in the expensive Nec's, its specs seems like a quality screen.

gateway and hp receive terrible reviews regarding color reproduction and quality. i will personally stay away from these.

I still am searching for a great all around 24incher and will pay anything it must have good color, not ghost, have plenty of inputs most importantly the hdmi, and it must scale properly. any feedback appreciated.
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VERY good monitor, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16824005099
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No dvi for connection thats bad for me. I use the hdmi for my ps3 or xbox
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im lazy to switch around cables but ill research the screen
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