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Well I swapped my mobo from the p6n SLI V2 to the P7N SLI platinum with the intention to do some better OC's! The thing is, I can't even get it stable now on 3.0 GHz, which was simple to do on the p6n. I upped the vcore to 1.35, fsb vtt to 1.45, vram to 2.20 and NB to 1.4 and STILL the system random reboots like crazy!
I am desperate, seems like the only weakpoint in my system is the memory (takems) but I never gone over the stock 800 MHz on this, so can this still be a liability?
I've read a lot about the mobo and seen a lot of people getting very nice oc's on this board, so don't it should be the board!

Hope you guys can help me