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Yoggie Security Systems has unveiled an innovative security solution to guard your laptop against hacking attempts and other intrusions. The new device can be attached as a regular Express Card, but it is in fact an embedded mini-computer to achieve transparent security when connecting to any network.

Called the Gatekeeper Card Pro, the security appliance comes with its own processor, memory, as well as an embedded operating system. The device acts as a computer installed onto another computer, and is touted as being the most advanced security solution designed for the mobile world.

"The Gatekeeper Card Pro has been developed to allow IT security managers to pre-install high level security when providing laptops to their workforce. This meets a growing need to provide the highest level of security to the workers that are most vulnerable to attack – those on the road or connecting to insecure hotspots," said Shlomo Touboul, founder and CEO of Yoggie Security Systems. "We’re also responding to the demands of our enterprise customers by providing remote, centralized management of security for all workers."

The security card is suitable for multiple working environments, including corporate, SOHO and home PC users. The device works in a similar manner to the standalone USB-sized hardware firewall, launched back during the CES 2008 expo in Las Vegas.

However, while home users are better off with the USB-based security solution, corporate and enterprise users will get more options with the Gatekeeper Card Pro ExpressCard model. The latter model can be used out of the box by simply plugging the device in, but at the same time, advanced users can take full advantage of its capabilities by fine-tuning its default options.

The Gatekeeper Card Pro automatically updates its software each time the user connects to the Internet, and manages the installation process in a transparent manner. More than that, the hardware security solution lets users offload software firewalls from the laptop, thus increasing the speed and performance of the machine.

The new security solution from Yoggie will arrive on the market on May 26th and will sell for an estimative retail price of $199.