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what is holding back my overclock? (PD 930, p5wd2-e)

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Hello folks,

I was hoping someone could help me identify why I am not able to overclock my setup past a very modest point. My setup includes a Pentium D 930 proc, Asus p5wd2-e premium mobo, zalman CNPS9500 hsf, antec truepower 2.0 550w psu, corsair 2x1gb xms2 6400 (plus ati x1600xt video card, plextor dvd burner, 2 raptors, and 2 wd 750gb hdds).

I have read on various forums that overclocking my proc with air cooling to 4GHZ is a relatively trivial matter, and that OCing to at least 3.75 can be done with stock vcore and with the intel hsf. With stock vcore (1.3 or 1.35) I cannot run my system stable at 3.6 GHZ (it will boot, but when my two instances of prime95 have been going for 30 minutes it restarts). 3.4 GHZ is probably my highest stable clock at these settings. If I increase vcore to 1.4, I can get it to boot to 3.75 but no higher. With all of my attempts I have been keeping my memory speed at or below the stock 800mhz (even though it can handle at least 900mhz) to take the memory out of the equation. Finally, my zalman hsf has its fan set to the highest possible setting, and my temps are quite reasonable (at 3.6 I didn't crack 60 C under full load), so I don't think it is a heat issue.

Given my system, the only thing I could identify as a potential weakspot would be my psu. Are there any other weakspots you can identify? Is there any troubleshooting I can do (short of replacing the psu) to see if my psu is what is holding me back? Any other suggestions?


(first time post!)
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Oh, thought it might be worth mentioning...

My antec psu is not the EPS12v version (it has the 4-point supplementary power connector, not the 8-point connector).

Also, the system has been running completely stable with no stability problems at 3.2Ghz for 2 years.

BTW, I used the extreme power supply calculator to find the recommended wattage for my system, and with a 4Ghz overclock @1.45v, the calculator recommends a 460w psu. Given that mine is 550w, it doesn't seem like I'm overloading it, does it? I also checked reviews for my psu in the past few hours and people seemed to be pretty excited about it, so this idea seems less plausible than I originally thought.
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No suggestions at all?!?

I have been continuing to push my system and have gotten the following highest stable overclock:

CPU: 3.77@1.45v; up to 64C under full load
mem: 1005mhz@2.05v, 5-5-4-12 (I think the memory fared quite well)

I guess this is not too terrible; but with my equipment I was expecting to hit 4ghz with the proc.

Any comments?
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Welcome to OCN!!!
User CP-Add System and share your system with us.
You bought a D for just overclocking?If no,i would rather buying at least a c2d...
Still,its the cpu or cooler preventing,i saw 4.2ghz D's,cooler is just stock,64c under full load is good for a pentium D,still go buy an aftermarket cooler.
Recommendations:Tuniq Tower

I'd rather tuniq tower,its an ultimate air cooling system.Not worth much,550w psu can handle it easily,but idk whats your case.It may not fit in your case,so careful
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Hi Aryuautku!

I didn't buy the pentium d for overclocking... I bought it two years ago before the c2ds came out. I'm just trying to get some extra juice out of it now (because I can't afford new parts at the moment).

My cooler IS an aftermarket cooler (and a pretty good one too!): zalman CNPS9500

My case is an antec p180

So given good air cooling and a good case, what else could be limiting me? (ambient temps, right now anyway, are about 25C)
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