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Well, I am young and curious, I want to test new things smile.gif I paid P5E3 Deluxe + Q9300 58e, so they were very cheap wink.gif
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sure thing.. feel free to post / share your experience on the forums here thumb.giftongue.gif
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I sure will biggrin.gif

Okay, the CPU is now stable at 1,38 bios (1,34v - 1,32v) @ 3450Mhz. I think it could go a little higher, still trying.
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i´d stay at the obligatory 3.5ghz.. 3.6 will be too much i guess..
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I didn't push it any higher anymore, the frequency is now 3450Mhz. Here are the voltages:

Cpu Vcore: 1,358v from bios (1,320v stable with vdroop mod CPU-Z)
FSB Termination voltage: 1,34v
DRAM voltage: 1,7v
NB: 1,25v (stock)

Ram is currently at 690Mhz 7-7-7-18

Hehe, tested Cinebench 11: stock 2,95, now 4,15. Smex, thanks for your advices!

Edit: Why don't I stop? I tested cpu multiplier at 7, still the fourth core fails at 465FSB. 460FSB is stable at x7 and x7.5.
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Ill be honest, im brand new at overclocking. I just recently switched from an E7500 (which i could never get to overclock) to a Q9300 that i overclocked to 2.8GHz. I want to go higher. Unfortunately im not sure how to. Right now im set to 400MHz with only a 7x multiplier. MY motherboard (IP35-PRO) doesnt seem to want to let the full 7.5 loose. Being so new at this, i havent a clue on how to pass 400MHz with the ram i have (DDR2 800). MY temps also seem a little high at 52, 44, 44, 45. Somebody help me, i feel insignificant down here at 2.8GHz.
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What bios do you have? Those temps are not dangerous, mine Q9300 climbs up to 72 under Prime95.
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Hey Guys,

Im totaly new to this forum, but i wanna to share some of mine overclocking on the Q9300!

Few years ago i started overclocking my CPU from 2.5GHZ to 3.25GHZ, but yesterday i boosted it up too 3404.36MHZ with a voltage of 1.296 - 1.304.
Under stress with Prime95 the temp. is 58-60C and its totaly air cooled.

Greetings d0n
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Is 1,368v too high for 24/7? With that voltage i can get 3500Mhz stable.

Edit: It wasn't stable at all. Now I have 3487Mhz, CPU-Z 1,328v. Higher voltages are unstable because of my vdroop mod.
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I need a litle help ( sorry my english )

i have : Q9300
8gb 1333mhz RAM

so i O.C. my CPU and i have this : http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/819/24984504.png/
in my bios i have every voltage ´´thing´´ set to AUTO .
the only way i can O.C. my CPU is set the multipler to 399 x 7.5 ( stoc is 333 x 7.5 )

and here is my problem when i change to 400 x 7.5 my pc wont start up
i change voltage up and up and i have the same resoult .

i dont know where is my problem but i have good cooling ( http://www.zalman.com/eng/product/Product_Read.asp?idx=449 )
my power suply is some stock 400w .

pls help me .
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