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Anime in Linux

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One thing that always kept me back from enjoying a linux distro was when I watched my anime with stylized subtitles they always looked the same based on the players settings. I wanted something that looked like they do in Windows with CCCP. I have found the fix @

This is the important part:
Configuring MPlayer

Most of MPlayer's configuration is strictly a matter of taste, but for some options it can make the difference between enjoying your video or not. You may need to edit the files /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf and/or ~/.mplayer/config depending on your preference (the former is system-wide, the latter is per-user). You can and should read the official documentation to get the most out of configuration, but there are a few options we recommend you set or change.
Edit the config with:
Thought I would share this because it really brought me closer to linux. Gaming is the only thing that holds me back.
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You can game on Linux. For a long time, Gaming was the reason I never made the switch to 'nix. However, I discovered it was a poor excuse. Well, for me anyway.

Gaming is fairly simple on 'nix, and a lot of the time it just requires you to edit some config files or tweaking here and there. You should start off dual booting Ubuntu, and then installing your games on it using Wine. After awhile, you may just fdisk that silly NTFS install you have.
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