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Yippee!Self record!37c!

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Well i got a new self record.With my gpu fan running at %100 fixed speed,i got down to 37c idle!
This is all made with stock fan.Palit.You know,palit is known with its extra large fans.

So here is the pic!

What you guys think?Is this good for a stock fan?
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Not bad, but idle isn't what matters. Load is.

Also, if you ever find that fan is too loud, or isn't moving enough heat out of the card, get a Thermaltake DuOrb. They are AWESOME.
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Any good program except atitool to stress the card a lot and see load temps?
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You can try Furmark or nVidia Geoforms.

When you are running said programs, get Atitool to record your card temperatures. Set recording internal to 5ms. Make sure that, if you restart, to clear the previous log file. Otherwise it takes a LONG time to load the next timeyou tr to open it.
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Still is atitool good enough to stress at %100 load?
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Some people say it is. I personally prefer a full screen program to atitool's tiny rendering window

By the way, your image link doesn't work, so we can't see a larger version of it.
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Ok lets try atitool first and furmark second.

Atitool = Epic Failure.Temps wont go up more than 37.
It still makes the screen go for 1/50 sec.
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yea, atitool's rendering thign really doesn't stress temperatures much.
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No screen going thing,but still 37c.It's impossible.VDOTool should be the problem.Any good GPU temp monitoring program?
I am fixing the image now.
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There are, but ATItool is easy to use for recording temperatures. Just go under settings, and I think it';s under temperature monitoring.
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