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Not exactly the same but...
I've had nothing but problems with the 206bw. I had 1 including 2 swaps making that three around 6 months ago.

Bought one the other week, and I've arranged for it to be exchanged AGAIN.

Before you even turn the thing on it had this high pitched buzzing noise coming from the back.
Turning it on made it go away. I could understand it buzzing whilst it was on as 1 of the 3 previous had that problem aswell.

I'm sure ebuyer get sent all the dud's. Or I'm just getting the ones that folk notice a dead pixel or fault with it but decide to just send it back under the D.S.A.

This one also had a dead/stuck pixel quite annoyingly slightly off the middle area halfway towards the top.

I've no luck whatsoever with LCD's... my Sony Bravia 40X3000 has 1 defective pixel which is white on black, but on R/G/B it can turn those colours and only a limited other colours it shows up on...

HOPING that my replacement is fault-free.