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...About British Broadband.

The well-respected Samknows Broadband site is hoping to recruit hundreds of volunteers to uncover the true state of Britain's internet connections.

The site is currently looking for 200 volunteers to deploy a Linksys WRT54GL router on their broadband connection, which will measure a wide variety of metrics about Britain's leading ISPs.

In addition to a standard speed test, the router will check the connection's latency, packet loss, DNS query resolution time, web page loading time and other factors.
...and so on.

Number 3 in the requirements stops me from taking part:

You are not a heavy downloader. We'd classify anything above 30GB per month as being too heavy for us to gather useful results.
Me and my flatmate easily top this.

So come on Brits, help find out what's going on with our countries internet!

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