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Stay away from notebook gaming if you can. If you need the portability then well, go for it. Do not try and replace a desktop 24/7 gaming machine.
Couldn't disagree more. Sure, there will always be a benefit to gaming on a desktop, but the gap between that and today's gaming laptops has closed considerably - almost to the point of being a non-issue to all but the most discriminating gamers.

The best gaming value for your dollar will also always be a desktop machine, but if you want portable gaming, you can most certainly get it these days, and it is getting much more affordable (e.g. the Gateway P-6860 FX for $1300). Don't take my word for it, though. Do some research into the Dell XPS, Alienware (of course), Gateway and Sager models for starters.

Laptops do involve trade-offs compared to desktops. Performance just isn't such a big one anymore.