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Ok, I am on a wireless connection, but I have been for a long time now.

I spend most of my time on Ubuntu, but I play games in windows Vista. Over the last week, I have been experiencing sudden lag in WC3. I have been playing WC3 for years now with no lag on much worse computer than I am on now.

For that last couple days I have been lagging suddenly. Like, I will play for like an hour or so, then in the middle of a game I just start lagging. Sometimes I can make it through the rest of the game, but I sometimes would disconnect. It is not the kind of lad where I miss a couple frames, it is the kind of lag where everything stops and nothing moves. After I drop or the game is over, I head to speed test and I get 9k, which is my normal speed. I try another game and it happens again. This has been happening for the last week.

I do not notice any problems or slow internet while on Ubuntu, and while on Vista, msn never gets disconnected.

Any idea how to fix this?