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Im Running a Asus P5N-D With a Q6600. I have been told to overclock the board with the following information.

FSB - 1333
Ram - 850
VCore - 1.4
Dram - 2.1
HT - 1.4
NB - 1.4
SB - 1.5

These Settings are not right. They Worked but it glitches my computer up after a while. Lets say Im watching a AVI while downloading stuff at 900KBPS all of a sudden the avi I am watching will totally glitch and turn a 1000 different colors with lines running through it. But the background desktop will be ok... But when I got to shutdown the whole computer crashes. Whats wrong with these Settings????

I have recently Set the HT to 1.3 instead of 1.4, and I set the NB to 1.38, Kept the SB the same. Now my CPU temp is 47C and my MB is 41C. - while downloading stuff on azureus and watching a avi. (My motherboard would hit up to 45C when I had the HT at 1.4) Is this right? Can someone please give me correct voltages for my P5N-D Motherboard....