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Tosiba company spoke about its intention to release a mobile PC with cell processor in 2007, then it was planned to use for these purposes spursEngine chip (SE1000).

It is expected that the first notebook with graphic systems on base Of cells will become Qosmio g40.

Let us recall that Synergistic processing element (SE1000) is the half of Cell : 4, but not 8 processor cores. However, the power of four SPE- elements ( RISC- processor ) for rapid mathematical calculations with floating point is also considerable. SE1000 is equipped with built-in memory controller (Rambus XDR, 128 MB.), which ensures high capacity : 12,8 GB/s.

This chip will excellently accelerate video processing in formats MPEG 2 and H.264, up to resolution 1080p (Full-HD).