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The setup is a mess, but i'm lovin' my new 780i!!!Anyone in here who have this mobo has made a good choice from what i am experiencing so far.Got my Q6600@3.6Ghz right now with only 1.47v in bios.My P5N32E SLI PLUS,with the same CPU, got me to 3.6Ghz stable for 10 hours in prime 95, but at an "electri-FRYING" voltage of 1.66v,and that is why i bought this board.That was watercooled too!!!My goal,is to hit 4.0Ghz stable on this board(who doesn't) with my Q6600 and hopefully it'll happen.Anyway,just wanted to share with you fine folks here at OCN.Weird thing though,from the 3rd pic,Everest says it's a 680i chipset.Is this OK?