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Q6600 3Ghz on P5N-E

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Hi All,

after all the advise from other threads and peoples posts I will be purchasing a Q6600

I was wondering what sort of Fsb % should i increase it each time. I will be setting the Voltage to auto

Stock= 266.6667 x 9 = 2.4 (1066)
OC 1= 278 x 9 = 2.5 (1111)
OC 2= 289 x 9 = 2.6 (1155)
OC 3= 300 x 9 = 2.7 (1200)
OC 4= 311 x 9 = 2.8 (1244)
OC 5.1= 317 x 9 = 2.85 (1266)
OC 5.2= 322 x 9 = 2.9 (1289)
OC 6= 328 x 9 = 2.95 (1311)
OC 7 = 333 x 9 = 3.0 (1333)

I will be keeping my RAM at 800mhz and once i achieve 3ghz i will start bumping it up

Any other help would be grateful
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I used to have a P5N-E. If you can achieve 1333 FSB, you will not be able to hit 800mhzon your ram. Trust me. The chipset just can't handle that much stress.

EDIT: Also, when you get the mobo, flash it to BIOS version 0608. The best Bios for Quads.

EDIT2: here's the link for how ot get 3ghz on a P5N-E http://www.overclock.net/intel-cpus/...p5n-e-sli.html
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Ok so should i turn my Ram down to 667.

another thing are them stage of my OC program ok or should i do smaller OC
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Well you can generally hit 3ghz without boosting any voltages whatsoever right off the bat, so incremental OC'ing shouldn'tbe necessary.
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Oh ok cool.

But i've always OC'ed in stages. but if the Q66 can handle it will bump it to 1333mhz and lower my ram to 667mhz.
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If you ever wanted to OC the Quad more, get a 680i Chipset, or the newer 780i.
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I will be getting a new motherboard at the end of the year.

I think a Q66 @ 3 ghz should be great for games and everything I need for the time being. plus i will be upgrading my PSU and SLI'ing my GPU in Aug
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The problem I found, was that the ram being downclocked to 667mhz wasn't worth the 3ghz. I ended up getting the 680i A1 from EVGA. When you get a new PSU get something with at least 50 amps worth of rails. (least)
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I could try a AI Overclock of 20% that will increase Bus speed and memory. But i willn't beable to achieve 3ghz it only somethink like 2.88ghz
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it looks like it might have to be a motherboard change but i think i could push 2.9 - 3.0 ghz out of it.

I'm now debating weather to get a E8400 or E6850
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