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Well I got the P5E up and running now. Very easy board to setup and get running. Installed a clean install of Vista Biz x64 and then all the drivers and such including SP1. Now I have only one complaint. I installed the latest drivers for the sound card off of the Asus site. Hooked up my Ligitech Z-680's up via the optical connector like I had on my P5W DH. Problem is I only get 2 channel from the PC now. In the sound area there is no option to set the output as 5.1 Dolby Digital like the on the P5W DH. If you test the formats in the sound area it will play DTS and Dolby but you cant set the output to that.

So the question is does the Supreme FXII support 5.1 over optical or the coax out. If it does not what sound card other than a Creative card does support that. Right now I have the speakers connected with the 3 mini plug cable.