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I ahve recently gotten my P5E up and running. I had in the my last board Audigy 2ZS. I started having issues with it like the MIC not working and such. So I then had to switch to the onboard. At the time I was using my Asus P5W DH Deluxe. I was able to connect the Logitech z-680 speakers via the optical out and get Dobly 5.1 in Vista. There was on a option in the Sound settings to have windows output the sound in 5.1. Now that I have my P5E running I tried to user my Audigy again and had the same issue. So I went back to the onboard for the time being.

Here is my issue. The Supreme FXII looks like it cant output 5.1 over the optical out. The option for 5.1 output is not there. I can test DTS and Dolby but can set it to output it in Dolby. 5.1. Does the Supreme FXII not have this feature? Is there a driver or software package I need?

If the asnwere is no, it cant do 5.1 over the optical what card should I buy instead. Im going to post pics of the area im talking about and how much room in my case I have for a sound card. Its a little tight with two 2900's in there.

Thanx in advance.