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Scarlet Infidel's TEC Calculator

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Ultrasonic2 (muffy) had a good go at building a Peltier calculator but I think he is more interested in other things than working on that at the moment (fair enough, its a bit tedious).

I think I know how to do all the equations I could want now, but there are still decisions to be made and work to be done.

I have started a post on xtremesystems about it but would also like to discuss it here (I find people here to be more open minded and willing to learn).

Please give me input (here or on xtremesystems) so I can get this off the ground.

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yip i've been renovating my new house for the last 2.5 months .. we move in on Saturday ..even though we dont have a oven, hot water or a shower/ bath yet ! i'l keep figures crossed.

I've also been playing way to much BF2 at the moment

i probably wont have the net at home too for a week too.. so i could in theory have time to work on it. But i know i wont
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Sounds like difficult living conditions. Don't mention BF2, I'm already distracted from my exams by enough things.

If and when I get stuck on my program, maybe we can pool ideas.
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i know. tell me about it. im not sure how im going so survive without the internet !
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First test release here: v0.1

It's got loads of bugs so far including (but not limited to):

-Number of TECs does nothing (always uses 1)
-Much of the maths is still a bit ropey
-Layout and appearance is poor
-It will simply crash (well, infinitely loop) if you ask it to do unreasonable things (like pump a large heat with a large dT simultaneously)
-Very limited functionality
-No constraints on silly inputs (can get negative dT etc)

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The crashing thing was getting annoying. Here's a quick fix for now:


New in version 0.3 - supports multiple TECs.


A few small impovements.

Edited by Scarlet Infidel - 5/20/08 at 2:15pm
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it's good .. obviously it doesn't work properly yet but your making good ground ...

i'll just list some things you need to consider in your prog .

Imax,Umax, dTmax and Qmax ALL increase as Th increases .

Electricity used increases as the load increase relative to Qmax

As a matter of interest....
is the resistance electrical or thermal resistance ?

I looks like your intending on using resistance and couples to define umax, Imax ,,Qmax ... is that correct ?

if so thats taking a incompletely different approach than me .. im not saying ether is better it's just interesting
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i know it's early days and so on
Your electricity used relative to your Qmax is WAY WAY to low
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All this talk about calculators is motivating me to fix mine. all i need to do to get it pretty accurate is to get people to specify a hot side temp and not a hot side C/W .. then the app will workout the required hot side C/W to keep it a x temp

This is a real work around but it' would solve the big issues relating to the electricity changing due to a change in hot side temp which then changes the hot side temp and electricity, which seems to get stuck in a never ending loop.
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Got and exam in an hour, I'll post some replies later.
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