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Monitor dead?

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My monitor stopped working, and basically what it's doing, is that the power light keeps turning from green to orange. When it turns green, the monitor blinks and then the light turns orange. It starts doing that when I plug it into the wall. It's a small Dell LCD btw, and pretty old. About 3-4 years.
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I would say its more likely a video card issue.
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What you describe usually means that the monitor is not recieving a signal from your graphics adapter. So dont blame just your screen for now. Have you got another screen you could test the PC tower with ?
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Yes, I just borrowed one from a neighbor. I'll test it out now. Thanks for replying.

Edit - It works for the other monitor.

Edit2 - I think I'll also try using the LCD on another computer.
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Great idea !. So far it looks as if there could be an issue with the monitor then. However test it anyway as you are.
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Turns out the monitor had the problem, when I connected it to another computer, and it wouldn't turn on. So bought this baby instead to replace:
Arrived today too, after ordering yesterday.

Newegg pwns, and so do you guys. Thanks for replying.
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Wow. Good monitor choice. You will not be dissapointed. Sorry to hear your other one had to die though.

We are here anytime you need some help !.

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