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problem duel monitoring a 3780

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I used to have a 1550pro and a 1650pro, one set up for each monitor, not crossfired. I recently purchased a 3780 and swapped it out for the 1650. I removed all the drivers before installing, installed the 3780, updated to newest drivers works fine. I can also duel monitor using the 3780 alone.

But, when i re-install (just attach) either the 1550, or the 1650, my computer won't even boot. Just gives me a black screen. the 3780 is in my PCIE primary slot....

Is it possible to get either card to work the second monitor while dedicating the 3780 to my main? If not, what's the CHEAPEST card I could get to do the second monitor that would work with it? I only use it for AIM and ventrilo while gaming, occasionally homework, never any kind of strenous activities....

Thanks for your time.

2.0windser 64 duel core
3780 sapphire
ASUS m2a-mvp
3 gigs ocz ram
Roswell 500-2sb

x1550pro - MSI
x1650pro - Visiontek
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any card in the spare PCI express port should support multi monitors. But if you install 2 cars it might make one slow x16 and the other x4 or something. Make sure your 3870 like you are doing now.
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