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Thanks SGTSpike.
other guys, I do not have an integrated video card, my post says 8400GS. It is a dedicated card. The reason I am upgrading the processor is because the T5550 is weak as hell, and my wife loves to play the sims (most cpu intensive game ever imo, hope they fix their code for the next one) and I know the 5550 will explode. Its an hp laptop, the dv9000 series from best buy. I bought it for 1000 with plans to upgrade the cpu myself, it has 4gb ram, 8400gs dedicated graphics card, 320gb hdd, two hdd bays, 17"screen blah blah blah standard laptop crap. Point is I am upgrading it because I want to, and I bought it because I can upgrade it. Thanks again sgtspike for answering
Hmmm... my wife plays Sims 2 on her lappy, and she's got a 1.3 ghz celery. A T5550 can't be that bad, lol. Seriously dude, upgrade your proc if you want, but I'm with everyone else - it's not what is holding the sims back. I would REALLY just do the video card upgrade first (make sure you find a compatible one!) and see how it runs after that, and THEN do the proc upgrade if you still want to. An 8400 just isn't much to run anything with.