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What did you have your 8400 clocked at with those temps with the V2?
It was at 4GHz.. vcore of 1.216..

That is low vcore to be making that much with the 8400...

(also that is not 100% stable as I shut off prime 95 when temps got to 55 on real temp. In seconds the temp was around 50 then 2hr's latter it had got up to 55)

My ram is being sent back so no testing atm.

I'm going to test the TRUE w/o lapping first as I have a 8400 heat shouldn't really be a problem for my max overclock. 1.3625 is max vcore and I don't plan to get close to that. 2hrs stable at 1.216 I should only need to increase vcore one or two more ticks to be completely stable.

However if I can't get temps down then I'll look at doing lapping.