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I am new here, looks like everyone here is very helpful and I have had this issue for a bit now and no one seems to know what could be causing this.

My specs are below, hopefully I do not leave anything out as I am not super technicial with the overclocking and bios and stuff like that.

When I play games and even sometimes watch some videos (mainly youtube so it could just be the vid im watchin ) it stutters. Mainly in Call of Duty 4 etc. I got good frame rates I got around 100 or so with everything maxxed out. But a horrible stutter and in some games worse then others.

Posted below also are some bios pictures... mind you I have changed a few things... I changed the payload to 512 (it was on 4096 before not sure if I should put it back) ...I know my cpu is older, but I just cannot justify putting more money into this right now *mainly because im lookin for work*...

btw just to inform you I used to run a geforce 6600 pci e also and it was fine just wouldnt run new games... its like once I upgraded my motherboard and memory it hasnt worked since. with the 8800 that is ...

My specs:

Intel P4 530 3 ghz (OC 3.22) Hyperthreading
3 gigs of DD400 (2x1gig 2x512mb)
Geforce 8800GT PCI E 512MB
Abit GD8 Motherboard Socket 775LGA
Windows Xp Pro Sp3
Sound Blaster 5.1 (the original, like 5 yrs old if not more)
450W PSU
250GB 7200HD
Acer x203w Monitor

I am not sure what could cause such a horrible stutter when my frames are always above 100. I tried atleast 10 different drivers etc, all drivers up to date. Is it a hardware issue possibley? I never had anything overclocked too bad before.

Bios Pictures;
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