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Correct, The 2 Cores work Together to Make 3.0GHz, So i Guess it can Be Said each Core Runs at 1.5 Ghz. Then Again i Could Be Wrong.... Just Trying to Help
A cpu chip at 3Ghz means it has 2 threads running at 3Ghz. Nothing more, nothing less. If a application was so well optimized that it could make efficient use of both cores then the computing power would be similar to a 6Ghz single core.

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Question though, if you are changing your motherboard and ram why not and intel chip?

don't get me wrong, I;m an old school amd guy. I still have an FX-57 sitting in my backup rig but the intel processors scale much better overclocking than the amd chips do at the same price point.

amd is successful in the low wattage and entry cpu but mid and high end is all intel.
This. If you are changing platform go with Intel.

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what is this mulitplier on the AMD BE (Phenom right) is it like overclocking or is it just a turning switch and how does it work if you do not mind me asking. I am sorry for asking all these ??
I wouldn't get a phenom unless you were doing some heavy video encoding.