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Chaintech had been popular for motherboards only some years ago, but when it became Walton Chaintech, the firm focused on memory – and on graphics card. According to Chaintech, the firm is one of the few memory vendors that offer both graphics cards and memory, and Chaintech believes that this may be a good business opportunity.
Chaintech Apogee Kit: Get a GeForce 9600GT graphics card and 4 GB of RAM bundled
In fact, the bundle we were shown looks promising: You can get a GeForce 9600GT PCI Express graphics card with 512 MB DDR3 video memory (an Nvidia reference design) together with two 4 GB DDR2-1066 (a pair of 2-GB DIMMs running at CL5-5-5-15 timings) for “a better price than purchasing the components separatelyâ€. It’s tough to verify this information here in Taiwan, but at least the component choices make sense to us. 4 GB of memory is what we strongly recommend to anyone who doesn’t just watch the screen saver, and a GeForfce 9600GT definitely provides adequate 3D performance for acceptable money.
We recommend checking the prices. If you really save money this is an excellent deal for upgrade users.,5539.html