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Lost with OC'ing my DK P35...Pro's?

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My Rig:
Q6600 Core 2 Quad G0 revision
4GB Mushkin Redline 2x2GB
Evga 9800GTX 512MB
Corsair 650TX
Zalman 9700

I am not new to overclocking I have OC’d AMD CPU for quite sometime but these Intel ships and the MB they run on just confuse me. Currently I can get the system to post and boot to vista at stock voltages @335 FBS (stable OOCT) and 362 (fails OOCT but runs 3dmark). The overclock I am looking for is 3.4 which is a 380 FBS

(I have no clue how to change these voltages on my MB there is only special add but anytime I change this from auto I have to pull out the BAT on MB and reset cmos, I I have to leave the 2 speedstep option on cause if I turn them off the system wont even boot.)

Here are some pics




I know my ram can handle more but again if I for 5-5-5-12 it crashes

I really need someone with a DFI DK P35 TR2S to walk me through the steps of pushing this board to the 380FSB, I have read quite a few things but they aren’t related to this board so there are some options not available to me.

Typical ram settings (volts, speed and how to change them correctly)
MB Voltage settings (seems to be 2 VID and CoreV not sure)
Typical temps on load and Idle
Anything you Pros think I should know.
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So i used prime95 25.6 to test they system @335 FSB and is has run for ~8hours no errors.

After this i tried to push the FBS to 380, 390, 400 but i ran into 2 problems. Either BSOD on OS load or it would load the OS and run prime95 but would BOSD after ~10 minutes.

http://onlyalad.net/stuff/380FSB@1.376vore.jpg - Crashed ~44minutes

Also are these temps kind of high?? It have a Zalman 9700 fan speed set to medium.

anyone with a similar Setup could screenshot their bios? So i can push the OC to 380-400 FBS
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