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Hey everyone! Just recently received a new PC built with the intention of gaming on it. As you can see from the topic title, it is using an E8400 and a 8800GT. Being that I don't really know much about PC gaming, I figure there are some simple tips/tweaks which most know about and I don't. Keep in mind that I am NOT referring to overclocking. The PC has a Dell motherboard which isn't capable of OC'ing, thus preventing me from OC'ing the CPU. As for the GPU, I plan to worry about that later. For now, I'm looking for simple things that I may be unaware of. For example, not having the newest drivers for my video card, which I do (175.16).

One thing I'm not sure of is the "DVMT/FIXED Memory Size" option in the "Advanced Chipset Features" option located in the BIOS. It is defaulted to "128MB" with the option to go to "256MB" or "Max." Is that something I should worry about/change? Things like this are what I'm wondering about. Thanks!