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Hi i have recently built a new computer using the P5N-32 SLI Premium motherboard. when i start up the computer it begins doing a sequence of 4 beeps repeatedly all sounding the same length. this goes on for about 60 seconds. during this period the standard start up beep is also heard and teh computer starts up. when i try and install windows the computer freezes on the "windows setup is installing" screen and doesnt move even if left for hours.

im not sure if the motherboard works but i recently bought the ram, PSU and Hardrive so they should all be working.

any ideas about what to do?


P5n32 - SLI Premium Motherboard
2.66 Core 2 Duo Cpu
ATI Radeon x1950xtx Graphics Card
Thermaltake big typhoon CPU Cooler
7200 RPM 160GB Western Digital Hard Drive
2 X 2gb 800mhx TOPRAM Ram