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Bright future for Phenom?

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They claim 3.2 Ghz is going to be possible with existing BE's. I sure hope they include some ice-cubes because cooling that baby is going to be interesting.

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It seems like a rather interesting feature, and I'm anxious to see what people can do with the Phenom + SB750 once it comes out. I'm actually thinking about perhaps picking one up myself and upgrading from my X2 4400, but I may still decide to wait until K10.5.

The other interesting tidbit is that they tested an "upcoming 2.8GHz" CPU and AMD has yet to announce one. So far the only announced CPU before Shanghai/Deneb is the 9950BE, but that only has a clock speed of 2.66GHz not the 2.8 mentioned.

At any rate, I'm very interested to see how Phenom improves with this new chipset and the move to 45nm/K10.5.

(By the way, I did post this in the news section already)
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