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Not Sure if this has been asked yet... I have a e7400 I did the mod to 1.4v and also to 1333fsb. my question is this can i also do the stepping from 333 to 400 along with my current mods?
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Another question for anyone who may know - I was able to do the BSEL mod on my e4300 a few years ago in an old Gateway GT5408. This brought my lowly e4300 from 1.8 to 2.4 Ghz. A considerable overclock and it was great. I was recently given an e4600 which is also 800mhz fsb, but already 2.4Ghz natively. I tried to BSEL it to 1066 but the computer didn't recognize the mod. Any ideas? It booted up and ran just fine. Never even got over 47C running OCCT and a stock cooler.

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guys i have a small doubt

Im currently having Intel DG33FB mobo and Intel E4600 processor and planing to do this mod to increase the fsb to 1066

do i have to increase the volt also or is it just enuf to mod to increase the fsb also i want to kno whether will it work on my mobo or not cz im living in Sri Lanka and its hard to find those pens and tapes so i hv to take my processor to a shop to modify, also i hv to mode the points which are mentioned in the pic right, no diffenrece for E4600 right??

Don't take it to a shop lol.

I didn't have tape or pen eighter.. I used tin foil and paper glue. Takes a bit time to apply, but it gets the job done.

Also try it first without vmod. If it doesn't work, then apply the volt.

I was going to try this tonight anyway, then I found this post in this thread. Is it likely, that doing the vmod will make the pc recognize the overclock from the BSEL mod? Or is this something simple like, resetting bios?
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I did the volt mod to bring my e4600 to 1.5V and the BSEL mod to go from 800 to 1066 MHz and the system boots and runs fine, however, it will not recognize the 1066 FSB and apply the overclock. What gives? The voltage is certainly up as I watch activity in CPUZ. Any ideas? This mod worked flawlessly on my old e4300 in this system. frown.gif
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Hello all,

The pictures for the vid mod is broke for me. Could someone repost or point me to working pics. The mod does not work for me at stock voltage. Thanks!
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Hey Dragun, if you google BSEL mod, and look through the images of the google search, you will find TONS of pics about doing it. There is a way to go from 533 to 800 and 800 to 1066 and 1333.


Pay attention to the max that your motherboard can handle and dont mod the chip to go higher than that.

Back to my problem - I think something is wrong with my old intel motherboard now because it wont even recognize the BSEL mod overclock on my e4300, which it has always been fine with. Might be time to just update this old tower with better equipment...I priced a motherboard, PSU and ram and can upgrade them for about $150 with sandy bridge components. I can get a used 2400S dirt cheap and have a decent (basic) backup system again.
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Can somebody tell me what happens if BSEL2 pin does not have contact with CPU? I modded my motherboard with 775 socket so it can fit Xeon CPU, and I possibly damaged this pin. Computer and CPU appear to work fine. I ran 20 passes on High stress level with IntelBurnTest and it was successfully, but I would like to know what might happen if this pin does not have contact with CPU?
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I have a Celeron D 356 and would like to mod 533 to 800 fsb how?
53 pages here can someone give me an answer please.
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Intel Celeron E3300 on an ECS G31T-M7 (V1.0) motherboard, can't change FSB in Ami bios.

I'm thinking of soldering just the tip of the wire on the pin. I want to get from 800 to 1066 FSB. Which pins should I pad to do so ? Should I go for the BSEL ones?

This is my actual processor, click on thumbnail for info:


My motherboard suppports 1066 FSB.
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This is a great thread (obviously old) as a resource and Google first hit for BSEL but the 1st post has lost all pics.. Anyone got them?
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