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[Hzone] MSI Notebook Selects AMD's PUMA Mobility Platform

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Taipei, Taiwan -- MSI Notebook has always been at the very apex of technology. In order to provide our consumers with a brand new experience in mobility, we have decided that many of our models will be equipped with the advanced AMD Puma Mobility Platform newly introduced on June 4th. These models include the GX630?GT735, PX211, PX210, PR311, EX300, EX630, and others.

Puma is the very first platform designed by AMD especially for notebook computers; it has selected the latest AMD Turion X2 Ultra as its processor. Also equipped with the newest key technologies such as the RX780 mobile chip and wireless transfer, the platform is stable, effective, and efficient in energy-saving.

MSI Notebook will be releasing more models incorporated with Puma mobility platform, because of its abilities in battery span, graphic design, image editing, and other advance features. Elevating the entire operating system for a near perfect visual experience.

The Perfect Combination: MSI Notebooks and Puma
Puma Mobility Platform and Turion X2 Ultra as its processor can prolong battery span as well as bettering the overall performance, strengthening the complete package. MSI Notebook has the very latest in green technology, along with the energy-saving framework of Puma, making us the very best in energy-saving for all notebooks.

The latest Gaming Series will all be supported by MSI Notebook’s exclusive ?Duo-Turbo? technology. Using ?Turbo Drive Engine? to maximize speed so our gamers may enjoy the ultimate thrills, and adjusting to different modes according to the circumstances of operation through our ?Turbo Battery?technology to prolong the battery while lowering the fan noise.

MSI Notebook’s ?Turbo Drive Engine? and ?Turbo Battery? is the simplistic combination of our ?Turbo? and ?ECO?button functions. Accompanied by our cool blue racecar dashboard so our users may easily achieve the needs in both speed and energy-saving.

Realistic Visual Experience
The Puma Mobility Platform with Turion X2 Ultra Processor adapted by the RX780 Mobile chip can improve the overall visual experience and operating functions, also supports HDMI and other interfaces for multiple screen features.
The soon to be released Gaming Series will be equipped with the newest and the highest regulation independent graphic card. Furthermore, MSI Notebook even took the extra step and embedded a 3D graphic card for an upgrade in speed. The viewing experience will be more fluid, detailed, and realistic. The Gaming Series selected the HDMI digital interface for a 5Gb/s performance, also providing the very best in visual effects so the images can be as realistic as possible!
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Wow..it seems like Puma is set to do better than AMD's notebook stuff when they were actually beating Intel in the A64 days. With the acquisition of ATI, they are making very nice progress in offering a complete platform IMO, and Puma is an appealing technology for me if/when I go to buy a new laptop.
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