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Originally Posted by prosser13 View Post
PPC's have great customer service as well, you'll be fine
I'll give them a shot. I was just really impressed with Petra's when I bought my custom iandh RAM cooler from them. The package included a hand-written card thanking me for my business! Now THAT'S service with a smile!

Insert quote from "Waiting" here:

What's the difference between ordinary and extraordinary? Just that little "extra"!
Now the next order of business:

My HR-03 GT did not fit with my iandh cooler installed. He is a great guy, though. And when I brought this up in his thread at XS where they were first mentioned, he responded and offered to customize the coolers for people with an HR-03 (after they were purchased, I just pay the shipping to him). That's an excellent offer. I just told him I'd wait and see how these new T-Rad2's do with it. Just from looking at the installed pictures, it really seems like it won't make the clearance on the side now, instead of the top. So I might ask him to adjust it then.

Oh the hoops we jump through to cool our systems! They are so worth it, though!
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I want these in Australia!!

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DANGIT!! I need to call and cancel my order now and go with Petra's. Something like this is just what I was afraid of. I received this email at 3:00 this afternoon (originally purchased at 1:25pm):

Dear Jason [Last name omitted],
Order Number: [omitted]
Detailed Invoice
Date Ordered: Tuesday 16 September, 2008
The comments for your order are: T-Rad are arriving tomorrow. Your order will ship out first thing after they arrive.
Your order has been updated to the following status:
New status: Wait on Pre-Orders
Please reply to this email if you have any questions
This sucks, now I have to cancel this order and go with Petra's. I'm sure these guys are great and everything. And it's probably not anyone in particular's fault, and Petra's won't ship until tomorrow anyway. I just hate when companies sell something they don't have.
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preordered mine form scan.co.uk should be here in 6 weeks
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its $69.95 its coming out sometime in November in Australia
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