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So Im looking at getting the new LG Vu from ATT. I currently have a Moto Q Global. Its a very nice phone and all. Really like the built in GPS, the 3G support and the amount of memory on it.

I really like the concept of the iPhone and still want something like it. Im still not buying an iPhone even though the price is cheaper and it has the all important 3G support. I know some see that as strange but I dont like Apple, Jobs or their marketing strategy.

So anyone seen or has used a LG Vu? Im going this week to my local store to mess with one and see what its like. I know that it lists for $550 but the company I work for gets discounts on phones and service through ATT. I got my Q for only $150 only two weeks after it came out.

Im was also looking at the HTC Touch Diamond but it to lacks the all important 3G support for some reason....