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Blank Screen, Please Help!

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Hey guys. Last weekend I built the rig that's in my signature and everything booted up fine. My CPU temps were a little high so I got a bolt-thru kit for my heatsink and pulled off my heatsink and put it back on with the kit. I then let it sit overnight and now today I put everything back together and went to boot, and nothing will come on my screen. I thought at first maybe I put the cards in the wrong order or something, so I tried switching them, then I tried with just 1, then the other, and tried each of them in both slots, all no luck. Just a black screen. A friend of mine suggested I try resetting the BIOS, so stupid me pops out the battery before realizing there's a CMOS reset button. Now when I turn it on, not only is there nothing on the screen, but it makes a terrible whining noise. Now my 750i FTW has a small LCD with beep codes on it and I'm getting the FF code, which according to my book, means it's booting. So someone please help me! Tell me I didn't fry my brand new computer!!!
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Ah, so you got the bolt thru kit then ;x Uh the only time I get a black screen at start up with this board is when i've been OC'ing and it doesn't like it, got it alot yesterday trying to hit 3.4ghz I just hit the cmos button and all was fine.. When I first set up my rig I remember getting that whining noise but I can't remember why ;D Erm double check everything?
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Unless you have any luck going through the process of reseating your heatsink and CPU, using 1x GPU 1x RAM, clearing cmos and removing battery for 30 mins ...

Youre best RMA'ing it

Found similar probs on EVGA site. HERE
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