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Overclocking….anything left in the tank?

Unlike some manufacturers on the market, EVGA fully warranties their card even if you overclock it so clock to your heart’s content!!

Considering the heat produced by the core and the somewhat mundane clocks of the reference version, we weren’t expecting that much headroom for overclocking. Believe it or not, we were wrong since even though I was only able to conduct some preliminary overclocking due to time constraints, the clock speeds I achieved were quite good.

Core: 727Mhz
Shader:: 1580Mhz
Memory: 2408Mhz (DDR)

These clocks represent only about 2 hours of testing so they are by no means final which makes them that much more impressive. Considering reference speeds on this card are 602Mhz on the core, 1296Mhz on the shaders and 2214Mhz for the memory, these clocks represent an increase in speed of 17%, 18% and 8% respectively. It should definitely be interesting to see how far I can push the GTX 280 in the future with a bit more time and patience.