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these idiots just won't stop
No, they won't. The personality type that we're describing can't - they have to grab more, and more and more. It will never be enough but it doesn't matter, they will keep at it. This isn't about losing money to pirates. They are still going to have that happen no matter what - there will always be people smarter that the people that designed the security that trickle down their knowledge in small doses to those smart enough to replicate the result, but not to think up the break-in. This has nothing to do with them.

The point of this has to do with normal people - those that can't replicate the break-in. Something like this leaves them at the mercy of a corporate system that is becoming less liable for it's own misdeeds with each passing day... and this is the software arm of the monster. They will have no real recourse when the monster accidentally stomps them flat or eats their family.

You know how there's always only one super-mega corporation in dystopian future sci-fi and it owns EVERYTHING? That's because the authors are perceptive enough to watch as the dominoes fall one-by-one right in front of everybody. This law is just one more domino.