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Q6600 G0 + 780i

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First of all my VID is 1.2875v. I burned in my cpu last night for 10 hours @ 1.45V

Ok, so today ive been trying to get the FSB past 1600. I blend tested 400x9 for about 20 mins no errors (will run the full blend later). Now my first question is, when im running 2 orthos should i be running each one on blend?

Im using gskill PC28500 1066 ram @ 800 5-5-5-15 2.1V > should i concentrate on trying to raise my FSB at this point or trying to tighten the timings on the memory? Because it seems like when i go over 800 with this memory, my board doesnt like it. My old memory i had @ 875, so im not sure exactly what the deal is.
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Oh yah my voltages settings

CPU 1.45625v
CPU FSB 1.4v
Memory 2.1v
Nforce SPP 1.4v
Nforce MCP 1.525v
HT Nforce SPP 1.25v
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I have the 780i also and i just wanted to add that this board dont like it when i go above 800mhz on Ram either. I have 2x2gb mushkin 5-4-4-12 @ 2.1v
Also im kinda stuck at 3.56ghz on my cpu also with 1.41v. It seems when i hit 1600FSB i cant get it stable. Also, i dont want to raise my vcore too much more either. So i think im gunna stick with 3.5.

1.4 FSB
2.1 mem
1.4 NB
1.5 SB
1.25 NB<=>SB
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