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I used to have my pc running at 3.0 ghz (1500 FSB) 24/7, I have a e6750 (1333) with 2x 1 GB DDR2 8500 (kingston khx8500 2gn). However since I had a lot of exams I switched back to 2.8 ghz around january.

Now I have a bigger display and started gaming again so I wanted to go back to 1500 or 1600 FSB. I once did a 3dmark with 3500 mhz and I think 3.8 ghz pifast but not sure. Anyway 1900 FSB was highest I ever tried. Then I got 24 seconds on pifast.

In the mean time I swapped memory from slot 1/3 to 2/4 to be sure of dual channel. Also I updated bios from 1103 to 1205 (improved Q fan was the reason) and yesterday to 1404 since 1205 was no longer on the asus site.

All used to go well with AUTO settings exept memory that is manual at 2.2 V.

1205 bios:
racedriver grid: slowdown on 1500 FSB warps at 1600 FSB
Unreal tournament 3 goes down to 87 fps instead of 100 fps
1404 bios:
racedriver grid: 1500 FPS warps 1600 FPS also warps
unreal tournament 3: 60 fps on first run 113 and 115 fps on second and third
world in conflict: 19-64 / 34 FPS with 1400 FSB and 20-74/ 35 FPS with 1600 FSB\\
Pi fast: 35.8 seconds @ 1600 FSB 34 seconds @ 1400 FSB (STRANGE!!!)

Looks like something is wrong. Especially in racedriver grid these warps concerns me... since that causes it to be unplayable.

Should I go back to 1103 bios or should I change my memory back or put some other things different?

Temperatures are fine. I remember 3.8 ghz being around 45 degrees. I am now at max 34 degrees under load. I have 4 12 CM fans in the side panel cooling the mainboard.
NBcore is AUTO pretty high @ 1.52 V
CpuVTT seems low at below 1.4 (1.30-1.35)
SBcore always 1.5

With 1.2 VHT @ 1.35 volts the CPU VTT went up to 1.42 V however still slower pifast.
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