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Do we have Assaasin's Creed to thank for the emerging trend of improved action-game controls? That was announced two years ago and now we have DICE making Mirror's Edge which will revolutionize what is thought possible with a FPS control scheme even if it turns out to be a glorified tech demo, we have this which adds the vertical axis to the mix, and Bourne Conspiracy ripping off the cover system while implementing a very stylistic fight and finishing move combat system. Now if only we could talk a big developer to shamelessly steal all of these innovations and get DC to and Marvel to license it. We could have the undisputed king of comic book games.

Heck just make the one engine and it could work for every comic book game that you wanted. Bonus points for putting in a driving game which wold cover every base that we have.

One engine that could have the Punishers gunbattles, the Xmen fighting Sentinels, the JLU against the Legion of DOOM, and Batman patrolling Gotham in complete sandbox cities. Add destructible environments and the gamers would forgive them for having to dial down the pretty because punching someone and having it send them flying through three buildings while you flew after them would just be too much fun.

And yes, I'm definitely buying this.
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