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E4500 overclock

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Hey guys, first post on this wonderful forum, nice to meet you all. I was pretty much looking into everyones opinions as far as overclocking goes as I have limited knowledge on it and I have been learning bit by bit. Heres my rig as of now.

Windows XP Professional Sp2
Asus P5K Pro mobo
E4500 c2d @ 2.2 stock, overclocked to 2.6 333*8 1.208v
2*1gb ddr2-800 underclocked to 667
Nvidia 8800gt OCX 512mb
Gigabyte GZ-X1 case with 2 80mm intake fans, one 120mm intake and 1 120 mm Exhaust
Temps: cpu: 27c idle 50c 100% load
Ambient(case temp): 40c
current room temp: 82f

I know I can achieve a higher overclock but I dont want to push the FSB on my motherboard, its rated for 1600mhz but I would rather not push it, unless you guys think otherwise. Another thing I noticed is that if I try going with a multiplier of 9 my comp wont take the overclock, although I have had it up to 3ghz with the FSB at 1600mhz and it took fine, didnt stability test it yet but it booted to windows no problem> I was curious also as to what my voltages should be, I have everything on auto right now and I am stable at my current overclock. Just looking for some usual information, comments and suggestions. Thank guys!
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Hey, I don't have that mobo, but our systems are pretty alike. For my e4500 the max stable I got out of it was 3.24Ghz im pretty sure with a 9x multiplier. I didn't like the voltage though so I lowered it to 2.88 320x9 with ram at 4-4-4-12 4:5. How much you can overclock depends on your VID. Mine isn't the best chip with a VID 1.325. The good chips usually get around 1.21 I think. I can't get mine to boot at all with 8x multiplier and a high FSB, but different mobo's have different results.
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I would run the FSB to 1600 but I think when I did that I would lock up after a few minutes of prime95, I would imagine that I would need to increase NB voltage in order to remain stable. Im happy with 2.6 at the moment, even though its only a 400mhz clock I gained close to 20 percent in performance even with a ram underclock compared to stock. Its good to know that I can get 3.2 out of it, are you using a stock HSF, temps are my one concern, I still have stock HSF, its seems to be alright for a minor overclock, but at 3+ghz I was running about 60c, I know my thermal spec is 72 but I dont like running at 60c makes me nervous lol.
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