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I've known the differences between AMD and Intel processors for almost a decade and understood them for about two years. My dad built computers after he retired from the Air Force and told me AMD procs could outprocess Intel procs. I've known for a long time clock speed isn't the be-all, end-all to processors. My job in the Marine Corps partially deals with fixing PCs. We covered the ins and outs for about three or four weeks. I learned quite a bit then, but technology moves so fast I'm practically out of the loop today. Being over here doesn't really help matters.

Vanorge, thanks for the input. I'm glad you were able to give me a first-hand testimonial on the main two chips I was looking at. I'm strongly considering getting a Q6600 myself to measure against the E8400 I won on eBay to decide for myself. If the Q6600 wins, I'll probably sell both and aim for a Q9450.