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hi, i have the intel celron and would like to know the cpu temps because sometimes computer warns that cpu temp is too high. i tried the program core temp 0.99 and it says that im not using an intel ''core'' based architecture based processor. so is there any other way to monitor the cpu temp please. below is cpu-z to prove that it is an intel based system!

edit: btw this is not my computer its my sisters. ok, heres what i done, i cleaned the heatsink, cpu (boy there was soo much dust!) and applied the zalman-STG1 paste. now at least im not getting this ''too high temp'' message on computer startup anymore and the cpu seems to be happier as its soo quiet. before it would would be soo noisy when i start any application, now it hasnt done it this once since applying that cool paste. but id still like to know the cpu temp so please someone help.

thanks in advance

edit: i have another seriously annoying problem with this computer. everynow and again, i get new websites randomly appearing up on its own, seems like some sort of adware or sypware taking over. i have avg anti-virus, done a full scan, found 3 infected files and only managed to repair one. so can someone possibly also help me with how to stop these new websites from coming???? thanks
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