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Southbridge Cooler

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is this a good Southbridge cooler for my P5N-E SLI it will be seat with OCZ Freezer

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Yeah, that would work... would cool it adequately and you could add a 60mm fan... but for the price why not get a HR-05 SLI/IFX? you'll have more surface area for heat dissipation due to it's tower style, better cooling capabilities due to it's supporting 80mm fans, and it can fit with a SLI system

Check out mine - sharp eh?
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Get this I have 1 on my 680i and it works great, and it fits under gpu if needed.
EVERCOOL EC-VC-RE There is 1 in the 4 sale section:
He told me $5 shipping + $6, so $11 total.

^showoff...looks sweet!
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