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The Opera Software Desktop team is inching closer to finishing up the 9.51 version of their all-in-one browser. The second release candidate of Opera 9.51 comes with changes like:

- Security status should be now always correctly set when navigating from HTTP to HTTPS.
- Fixed an issue related to OCSP and CRLs that would lower security level - Yngve has a detailed article. You'll have to manually check for updates to activate this fix.
- Fixed an issue in the content blocker that might cause no page to be loaded anymore.
- Fixed a crash on Yahoo! Mail.
- Fixed a crash with userjs.
- Fixed a crash related to Dragonfly.
- Fixed a crash on Print Preview.
- Fixed an issue that caused unwanted line breaks in rich text editors.
- Fixed loading of stylesheets when navigating in history.

UNIX specific

- Fixed an issue that would prevent pages from closing on Qt4 builds.
- Fixed saving of changes to plugin configuration.

This fresh web-loving release can be downloaded, in Windows, UNIX and Mac OS flavors from this page.
I saw the Club Opera thread on OCn and decided to try it out, and well, I love it. I'm actually trying to migrate from FF3 to Opera