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Dunno where to put this, but a really in-depth review of the HTC Diamond, which is expensive as hell but sure is pleasing to the eye. I say, that 800$ that this phone will probably cost, is 4/5 of the price of the computer I'm saving up to build.... :/


We are overall very impressed with HTC’s latest super-phone. TouchFLO 3D is an amazing overlay that proves to be much more than eye candy. Opera Mobile is the best mobile web experience we’ve encountered yet. It’s a very powerful device for both the business user and general consumer alike, and staying fully connected and entertained on the go has never been easier. The size and weight couldn’t be more perfect. HTC set out to raise the bar and they undoubtedly have.

The Diamond is far from perfect though, and the iPhone still has it beat in some important areas. Like we noted, we’ll reserve our reception judgment until a proper US model comes out. While TouchFLO 3D is nearly perfect, the lag when navigating the Windows environment needs to be addressed. HTC falls well short on their music player too, which is the iPhone’s strength. Until a product is built from the ground up to compete with the iPhone there is little chance that it will succeed in doing so. The Diamond will be wildly successful, most likely surpassing the Touch’s 2M units sold, but in the end it is still in a different class than Apple’s offering.
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