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Good morning, Folks. Kinda stumped on something i would hope you can help me out with.

At work, we had some new boxes delivered which come pre-installed with XP Pro. The computers work fine out of the box and do everything they should. The problem is, once we install the Win XP Image that we use at work, the damn things will not reboot properly. When told to reboot, the computer will shut down to a black screen, but the power light remains lit at which point the computer sits idle (almost as if in hibernation). We have to push the power button to turn it off all the way and then push it again to boot back up.

Everything else works fine, except for that one problem. They are using an Intel Motherboard/CPU, which is why i posted in this forum. The image works on various other models from the same company (MPC) ranging from P4's to Pent D. These are our first time trying it with the Core 2's, which means this is our first time trying it with this motherboard.

Question is, what could be causing this problem? I was leaning toward ACPI, but swapping that out does not seem to be solving anything. Any other drivers i should be looking at?

Thank you.